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Social Media Options

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Did you know that if Facebook was a country it would be the 3rd largest in the world?*

There is no doubt about it; social media is here to stay!  With 40 million tweets/day, over 1 billion active users on Facebook and You Tube as the 2nd largest search engine, by the time a person becomes a teen they will more than likely feel that their digital lives are not just important it is a part of who they are.  Therefore, similar to Yin and Yang, the smart social media user understands there are two sides to this e-story.

Potential Benefits:

  • stay connected with friends
  • develop new social contact with peers with similar interests
  • sharing content of self-expression such as art, music, political views etc.
  • developing and expressing individual identity

Potential Risks:

  • cyber bullying
  • sharing too much information
  • sharing photos/videos that you later regret
  • risk of identity theft
  • reduced amount of time for face to face social interaction

Some helpful tips:

  • keep control of your information by restricting access to your page
  • keep your full name, address, telephone number, social insurance number and bank account number to yourself
  • post only information you are comfortable with everyone seeing
  • talk to someone you trust before considering meeting anyone face to face you have met online and review the risks involved

So whether you tweet, facebook, check out You Tube or World of Warcraft remembering a few simple safety rules can ensure you enjoy all that social media has to offer.

*-Social Media Revolution video You Tube April 24, 2012


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