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Soft Skills/Securing Employment

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Quick Tips To Help You Get A Job

Find out who is hiring

Filling out an application

  • Do your best to have correct spelling on your application – double-check your spelling and, if possible, have someone else proofread it before you turn it in
  • Don’t use text language (no “LOL”, “2” instead of “to”, or “thanx” instead of “thanks”)
  • Have your phone numbers and references readily available
  • Honesty is key: Describe yourself confidently, but don’t overdo it
  • If the application is online, fill it out at home or someplace where you’ll have plenty of time to finish it
  • Use an appropriate e-mail address: Don’t use any unprofessional words or names (if your email is something like hotchick95@gmail.com, sign up for a new email address!) – it’s best to have an email address that includes your name (for example, john.doe12@yahoo.com

Finalizing your resume

  • Get noticed!  Make sure your name is in a larger type than the rest of the information on the resume, and make sure the formatting is consistent
  • Double check your spelling
  • Make all corrections before you print your resume – do not scribble corrections on the resume
  • Match your resume to the description for the job you’re applying for – use their key words in your resume
  • Get help with your resume – ask your family members or teachers to help you review it
  • Check out the “resume writing” section from the Government of Canada Services for Youth website for more tips on how to create a good resume: www.youth.gc.ca

Interviewing tips

  • Information from Shasta 21st Century Career Connection
  • Interviews are short – Be prepared to impress
  • Dress appropriately – wear a suit or nice outfit (no jeans!)
  • No backpacks
  • No cell phones
  • No drinks
  • Meet with your interviewer alone – No friends

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